Houston we’re still having problems

I haven’t written about anything as much as I have detailed the problems I’ve been experiencing, mostly because I need to get some answers, and I’m hoping that somebody somewhere on the net will have them. Please read my previous blog post describing the standby and shutdown problems. It’s just gotten more annoying.

Lately, I shut the M400 down and it doesn’t really shut down. Rather, it sounds like it shuts down, but it stays on somehow and burns out the battery. Occasionally it does something else, and I was able to duplicate the problem today.

My Toshiba M400 was running low on battery power (about 7%) so I switched it to standby. I watched it go blank and the little power light started to blink, indicating it was sleeping. I put the computer in my backpack. When I took it out 40 minutes later, I found both the power and the wireless indicator lights on. Somehow the machine decided on its own to turn itself on. However, the screen stayed blank, I couldn’t hear any fan noise, and the machine otherwise looked dead. When I shut it down, I heard the hard drive park.

I’ll be doing more extensive testing later on. For now I’m asking all you experts: Is this behaviour remniscent of a virus?

Also, I found this link that may help me. I’ll report back after I’ve tried it.

Edit (2007/05/16): It wasn’t the link above, it was this link instead. And the problem still goes on. I believe it’s related to the power profile being set to hibernate after a specific point in time. If the machine is running on battery power and I’ve entered standby mode, the machine may not have enough power to wake and enter hibernation. Instead the power and wireless light turn on and the screen stays blank, never to resume, no matter what I try. I’ll run a few more tests and let y’all know for sure. It didn’t do it while connected to my docking station, so battery power must be the ticket.

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