Standby for take-off

While using Google to search the web for solutions to my Toshiba M400 Tablet PC stylus problem (Five months gone….), I eventually looked at my problem from a different angle, and found new terms to use in the search. For the past week I’d been asking for results that included the words “Tablet PC”, “stylus”, “resume from”, “standby” and “hibernate”. After a few days with no success, The thought occurred to me that I should returning to the source: Wacom’s website. While they didn’t offer any knowledge of my problem, nor did they post any versions of their drivers before 5.03-3, I was hoping others who might have experienced the same problem that I did would be sure to have a copy.

Google didn’t fail me: when I instead used the search terms “wacom”, “driver”, “standby”, and “Tablet PC”, my results linked to forums where other people experienced standby and hibernate problems while using Wacom driver versions between 4.97-1 up to 5.01-1. According to most of the responses, the answer to the problem was to downgrade the driver version to 4.95-6. This version was reported to be the most stable, in addition to offering the desired pressure sensitivity to photoshop and other applications.

Finding this version of the driver, however, posed to be more of a problem. On Tablet PC Review, the writer of one post offered to e-mail the driver file to anybody who sent him a private message through the bulletin board system. Of course, this meant I would first have to sign up for a free account at Tablet PC Review, an exercise for which I did not have the time.

Fortunately, other posts led me to look at Wacom’s European website, and it was there I found every version of tablet driver, for every operating system, archived for posterity. I downloaded the version of the driver I was looking for, installed it and saw an end to my resume from standby and hibernate problems.

To benefit anyone else who is searching for the answer to the problem that I experienced with the most recent tablet driver, here is the link to Wacom’s European website.

Still, the M400 Tablet PC is not the workhorse I imagined it to be. The machine runs less than 2 hours on battery power. To reduce the risk that it’s the battery, I own two different batteries. I found other posts from last year where the users experienced 4 to 4.5 hours. The answer was “more RAM”. I have 2GB RAM. That’s not the answer!

Another standby problem has come about as well: The machine appears to choose not to enter standby or hibernate when I ask it to. This happened on 2 rather serious occasions today. While I was out and about town, I repeatedly entered and resumed from standby when necessary. However, twice when I pulled the machine from my backpack, I realized it was hot to the touch. Once the fan was still blowing hot air out. This was not safe for the machine to be left on while in my backpack. I was sure it entered standby beforehand. So there must be a driver conflict somewhere in my system. Let’s hope the latest Windows XP update fixes that.

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