Still can’t track it down, but getting closer

Those following my woes of the past week may remember that I’m having all sorts of problems with my new Tablet PC, Excalibur. Once thought to be the ultimate answer to the Consolidator, Excalibur is beginning to waste my time. I’m not even sure I can blame the computer itself. I think I bought this machine right in the armpit of last year’s and next year’s technology. Operating systems are being patched, applications are being upgraded, everything is fighting for the same DLL headspace and I’m stuck in the middle, wasting time while trying to get this machine to just work.

First, I want to thank Sherry at Wacom for responding to my web form plea for help. She and her Tablet PC tech read my blog entries and figure that my issue with the driver version 5.03-3 and the tablet stylus going dead after resuming from hibernate or standby are probably BIOS related, and that I should speak with Toshiba. If they feel the same, Wacom is more than happy to work with Toshiba to resolve this issue once and for all. That makes me feel better.

I need to contact Toshiba anyway: I understand that everywhere else in the world, M400 batteries made by Sony are being recalled and replaced. I ran the battery checker I downloaded from New Zealand, and it said I qualify. Sadly, there isn’t an equivalent utility, nor reference to the problem, on Toshiba Canada’s website. Hence I will be calling. But I digress.

I figured out that if my power saver settings are programmed to standby at XX time, and then hibernate at XY time, the following will happen. First, the machine will enter standby at XX time as planned. Second, the machine will wake up at XY time, and then enter hibernation. I’ve read that with more than 1GB RAM (I have 2GB), hibernation has some issues of its own under XP SP2. So the machine doesn’t successfully enter hibernation. But not always.

Last night, I had my machine hooked up to my docking station and set the power profile to standby in 1 minute, and hibernate in 2 minutes. The machine entered standby with no problem. It later woke up and entered hibernate with no problem. I went to bed. This morning I turned the machine on, slid my thumb across the fingerprint reader to access the hard drive, BIOS, and XP operating system, and halfway through resuming from hibernate the screen went black and the system stopped working, only the machine was still running at full power. After shutting it down and restarting it, the system gave me the option to delete restoration data, but I was stubborn. I wanted it to resume from hibernation. Same problem. Then I gave up.

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