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Get to know what you’re good at

May 29, 2008 in Creativity, Personality, Strategy

Searching for a new career can be tough. I should know. I started out in my teens wanting to draw comic books for a living. In my early twenties I took restaurant and retail jobs to subsidize my new dream of becoming a rock musician. While the dream never died, it became evident that I had to stop working in wait of a dream, and find ways to live the dream while at work.

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It all begins with a blog

May 15, 2008 in Personality, Strategy

If I already know how to design websites and program web applications, why did I choose to build my site with WordPress? Frankly, as a married dad with two busy kids I don’t have time to wade through lines of code to figure out how to break something in order to change its design. I’ve worked under the hood of commercial and open-source CMSes in the past, but this product took me less than half an hour from install to first post. I look forward to playing more with this system as I build my own personal look. For now, the content is king.

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