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Free translation fun for Friday

Jun 27, 2008 in Creativity, Philosophy, Strategy, Technology

Today I received an email from I must have signed up for an account seven years ago when I registered my AK-73(pro)A motherboard. The problem with this email is that it’s all in Chinese. Even after all these years, I’d remember that I registered in English. I don’t write Chinese. Nor do I speak it, much to my grandmother’s chagrin (rest her soul). Plus, I couldn’t even guess as to where an “unsubscribe” link might be found, as there was nothing in the common sections of the email that even resembled one.

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Canada helps students to find summer jobs

Jun 27, 2008 in Philosophy, Productivity, Strategy

The Service Canada Centre for Youth (SCCY) program, under a different name, helped me find my first summer job in 1986. All my friends were working at McDonald’s; I was a junior “professional”. This job paid me enough to explore Expo 86 in Vancouver, buy new clothes, and date the receptionist. Job hunting had never been easier in my life.

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My visit with The Shack

Jun 22, 2008 in Creativity, Personality, Philosophy

Last month, while catching up on old Drew Marshall shows, I found myself drawn into the back story of The Shack, a book by William P. (Paul) Young. Before the end of the 35 minute interview I had already received my confirmation email from that my order was on its way. I felt compelled to read this book not for the story (which intrigued me slightly), but rather for the back story of how this book went from being a Christmas present for his kids to a self-published work selling over a half a million copies.

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In adequacy

Jun 06, 2008 in Philosophy, Strategy

There are times when I feel inadequate, that I don’t measure up, pass muster, prove myself, or generally feel worthy. When I feel inadequate, I am really telling God that I don’t trust that He knows what He’s doing, and that He’s placed me in the wrong place. I forget that I am where I am for a reason, will be here for a season, and should He desire, at the right time He will move me somewhere else. His grace truly is sufficient for me. If it’s not, then I haven’t really grasped the concept of how much His grace really means to me.

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