Free translation fun for Friday

Today I received an email from I must have signed up for an account seven years ago when I registered my AK-73(pro)A motherboard. I don’t use desktops anymore because I much prefer being mobile (except when required, like at work).

The problem with this email is that it’s all in Chinese. Even after all these years, I’d remember that I registered in English. I don’t write Chinese. Nor do I speak it, much to my grandmother’s chagrin (rest her soul). Plus, I couldn’t even guess as to where an “unsubscribe” link might be found, as there was nothing in the common sections of the email that even resembled one.

Enter Yahoo Babelfish

I copied and pasted the following into the Babelfish text box, selected Chinese-simp to English, and clicked Translate:

Chinese email text converted to PNG because the from the character set didn't work as text

The results are in

* miniPC thorough decomposition (on) This chapter of I come MiniPC to decompose, have a look this small lunch’s viscera internal organs long any appearance! Gives everybody to make a reference while convenient, if must trade the components or have that master must transform, also how can have a look at me is first to open.

* miniPC thorough decomposition (next) Entire minipc opens the solution process also to have the assembly matters needing attention, hoped that to has a mind to want the replacement components perhaps the good fantasy disassembles minipc to have a look in a big way, has foot ? reference value Luo ~

* Intel atomic young Jin’gang — Atom series processor, really may enhance the low price computer’s sale? The Atom processor, the edition which designs for the low price computer. Intel is known as in the Atom series processor has on the world the smallest transistor, also uses Intel the most advanced 45 nanometer system regulation, to support Core at present 2 Duo sets of instructions, the operating frequency achieves 1.8 GHz. Looks that such specification, the author estimated uses the Atom processor to be able ? the large promotion low price to write down the computer

* wisdom chamberpot The home product union medical service comes to be more, …… It may be a miniature medical station, the user may go to bathroom while makes the health examination besides the measure blood pressure, chamberpot’s high tech fitting may also make the urine analysis * on refrigerator’s computer That one day of your family refrigerator will help you to do grocery shopping automatically, establishes your same day’s menu to arrange for you the keeping in good health matter…The computer no longer is the computer, the refrigerator do not be deposits food the box ……

* delivers joyfully secret Between after work place many telephone meal, may the dwelling match the service, promotes the conveniences which and the wish greatly the consumer purchases. This system’s biggest person who has rendered meritorious service should be PC not is. As for confuses not miniature, but must arrive at their shop front to look for well!

* hypothesized tries between the clothes Hypothesized tries between the clothes, therefore pats especially gives everybody to look that oh ~ has exposed is actually window-shops this for E, may use the hypothesized model, but puts on clothes, and makes the movement which during the different brand selects and purchases! Such conception is truly good

And there it goes, so it does. How can I possibly argue with a marketing message that assures me that “Such conception is truly good“? This is an example of one more successful email campaign that definitely will give me second thoughts about buying Aopen again. Now where’s that “unsubscribe” link?

Would any native Chinese speakers like to take a stab at translating this for real?

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