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We all stream for

Aug 22, 2008 in Creativity, Personality, Technology

As part of my volunteer activity for the Society for Technical Communication – Canada West Coast chapter, I offered to evaluate some streaming video technology we may use to kick off our program meeting in September. Since the spring of 2008, we branded ourselves as a virtual chapter, and shifted our focus from face-to-face meetings to online communities like a forum and wiki attached to our web site. One area we had yet to try was the notion of live video streaming. You can’t get more virtual than live video. On a recommendation from Bruce Sharpe, I explored tonight, and I got hooked. In 20 minutes I joined, set up a channel, and broadcast my first video from a webcam connected to my laptop. I even recorded a clip, if you’d care to look….

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Fireproof: Never leave your partner behind

Aug 12, 2008 in Creativity, Personality, Philosophy, Technology

Thanks to today’s email from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, my favourite marriage and family specialists, I learned of a new movie being released by the creators of Facing the Giants. I have to warn you. I’m a sucker for a good love story, so I cried just watching the trailer.

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Revivannoing SBUX the Howard Schultz way

Aug 07, 2008 in Personality, Philosophy, Strategy

This is a response to a tumblog post that my co-worker sent me from her side of the cubicle wall. On, a curious girl in a curious world posted 14 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize Its Brand. While the rest of the world was distracted by drinking the coffee, she’d been taking notes. Darn good ones, too. Her blog doesn’t allow comments, so this post is my way of adding my own thoughts to hers.

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Disgusting makes the big time

Aug 01, 2008 in Creativity, Philosophy

This afternoon my friend Jeremy sent me a link to a Business Week article on a Japanese cold drink made of eel extracts, mostly “from the head and bones”.

Apparently the fish is an excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. My first thought was that the Japanese never cease to find new ways to disgust me.

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