Remembering 9/11

At first I thought I should write a post about where I was at the moment the planes hit the World Trade Center. Then I remembered I wrote an article shortly afterward that I posted on a reflections website. I could easily revisit that article, adding any new thoughts and reflections from today’s perspective. But then Rick Detorie completely floored me with todays strip. Pictures really do say 1000 words. Or at least the core three.

One Big Happy by Rick Detorie for September 11, 2008
One Big Happy reflects on September 11

(Click the comic strip to view a larger image)

2 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. You know, a friend of mine pointed out that September 10th has to be the more difficult day for those who experienced loss of loved ones on 9/11… their last dinner together, their last bedtime routine. Sigh. It chokes me up even to write this comment. Thanks for sharing the strip and reminding us all to cherish every day.

  2. Thank you for you comment, Anne. I can always count on your thoughts to provide more insight. I have to be honest that I was quite detached from the events of Sept 11 2001 because we had limited access to media during that time. We didn’t have a TV, didn’t subscribe to newspapers, and barely surfed the web, as our first child took ALL of our attention. Both my wife and I took time off from work to nurse the newborn.

    I recall groggily waking up to the radio announcer reading the news report of planes crashing into the world trade center as if she herself didn’t believe it. It was so far outside the scope of our understanding so as to be completely surreal. My best friend phoned to tell me about it, and my first thought was “wars and rumours of wars….”

    Still, I am encouraged that tragedy manages to find a way to bring people together, even though I believe at our base we have the capacity to do unthinkable things. (Remember my previous post that you responded to). May my negative view of human nature continually be proven wrong. I don’t mind.

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