About those ultra-mobile tablet/touch screen PCs

Forgive me Father, for I have not yet sinned—but just might. After looking at specs for laptop computers yet again, I am facing another bout of gear lust. We all know that lust is one of the seven deadly sins. The virtual ink is not even dry on my last blog post, yet already the urge is so strong I need to confess my desires right away.

To think: all I was looking for was a Windows-compatible laptop/notebook computer with a full-size 6-pin Firewire (IEEE1394) port and graphics card with dedicated RAM. I want to replace Lapzilla, the 10 lb, 17″ desktop replacement I bought in 2004 that has served as my music recording workstation, because its 4-pin Firewire port is deeply recessed, and doesn’t hold the cable securely. The cable connected to my audio interface is prone to falling out when I move the machine ever-so-slightly.

But, oh my. The machines below don’t have Firewire. They don’t have dedicated graphics hardware. But you must admit, they are cool. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these videos should be just over the top.

To quote the characters in my family’s favourite bedtime book,
Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

“Wow,” I said. Just about all I could say was, “Wow.”

Kohjinsha SX3 review by jkkmobile

Gigabyte M912 Hands On by Dynamism

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