Merry Christmas… and roll out!

Our home played host to these shape-shifting robots from Cybertron all through 2008. This morning, as my boys battled over whose drawing of the Autobot symbol was most correct, I cooled their overheating servos by sketching my version of an Autobot symbol with a Santa hat. Naturally, I had to quickly fashion a picture to post on the web.

From our home to yours, may you have a very Merry Christmas.

I may blog through the turkey dinners and online shopping experiences because we’re experiencing record-setting blizzard conditions up here on the hill and I’ll be on the Internet anyway.

More on the blizzard: may you travel safely if you venture to go outside during this time. While we aren’t experiencing “white-out” conditions as when I visited Ontario, driving these roads is extremely more dangerous because the people in our neck of the woods drive like they’ve never seen snow before.

To keep you inside, here is an assortment of Transformers links to pass the time:

Credits: Autobot symbol part of SFTransRobotics typeface collection by Shy Foundry, comic typeface, SmackAttack by Nate Piekos/Blambot Fonts, and hat and beard part of Hemera Photo-Objects 50,000 collection (they used to provide cheap collections, now they’ve gone upscale pay-per-image).

Update: 2008/12/27: My sons created some new TF Video mashups no longer available for viewing.

Update: 2009/01/15: “Elf Yourself” video no longer available for viewing.

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