On Web Programming, SEO Consulting, and WHY

Last week I mentioned my foray into the world of creative communications consulting. Here’s a sampling of the kind of sideline projects I’ve been working on lately. Many of these are classified: top secret, for-your-eyes-only kind of stuff. By reading this post you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement: Don’t tell a soul.

[Edit: Okay, the secret is out: the main intent of this post is to provide search engine links to my colleagues’ sites in order to improve their SEO traffic… ooh how I hate spilling the beans!]

Web programming

My favourite graphic designer, Keli Manson of Kelman Design, who is also gifted in art direction and set design for film and tv, and interior decorating, has me working on her site, a version of which I plan to have up this weekend. I’m behind on her site because she also provided layouts for three different websites at the same time. Then I went into looking-for-work mode. I’ve been converting her PhotoShop layouts to W3C standard markup, and even built a database backend and a flash video player for one site that features information about transportation careers in Canada. I’m planning something special for her site, too. So let’s just keep it a secret. Shhhh….

SEO consulting

A client who found me through Keli runs a YouTube-like video site that calls attention to the market opportunities available in a variety of sectors: Mining and Exploration; Energy, Oil and Gas; Clean TechnologyGeneral Technology, Life Sciences, and Diversified Industries. Along with the standard fare of corporate videos are special opportunities for accredited investors, and of course some funny stuff to lighten the fact the economy ain’t doing so hot right now.

This concept could really go far. Most of these videos are only presented on cable networks’ TV Listings pages, industry events, trade shows, and corporate boardrooms. I see how this type of service would help corporations work more creatively with their video departments to generate more interest in their companies. For many companies, the video is an afterthought. In the age of rich media, it’s almost a necessity.

As for me, I get to hack this really cool PHP app called Social Media, that provides the framework for running the entire system. I’ve been getting gut deep into the app, helping Investment Pitch improve their searchable text, to provide better indexing options for their site. The more I work on their site, the more I see how much they need me.

WHY (What Have You)

Before I started Tony Chung Creative Communications, I was the “master of the jack of all” for my other enterprise, Jake Communications Link. I never realized that my email address at the domain  “jakethespud.com” proved to be a hindrance to my getting work. My credibility improved a lot since adopting a domain with my name in it. Now people take me seriously. You do, don’t you?

However, my “master of the jack of all” skills haven’t left me, only become more refined. I helped my favourite content strategist, Rahel Anne Bailie of Intentional Design, work out some quirks in the training materials she needed for a course in component content authoring and management.  And I started a new venture that I can’t announce yet, but will, soon enough.

It really helps for me to share the news of the various projects I work on. Too often writer/web dudes like me work in a vacuum, set apart from the outside world. I like the relational aspect of work rather than the work itself, and find I get a little loopy when I spend too much time by myself.

Do you prefer to work on your own, or would you rather have company? One of these days I should take a poll, but for now, the comments form is OPEN.

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