I hope Palm Pre makes it to Canada, eh?

My friend/coworker who first instigated my Mac obsession sent me a link to a demo of an in-prototype phone that is being touted as the new iPhone killer. It would have to be, as it’s still in demo phase and the manufacturer is already locked into a deal with Sprint.

Engadget’s Josh Topolsky demoed the Palm Pre on Jimmy Fallon live. I don’t usually follow Engadget, and I don’t stay up late enough to watch talk shows, so I’m fortunate that Engadget posted this video so I could see this new device in action.

This new phone by Palm isn’t even in production. Certain celebrities have been given the opportunity to own one of these puppies to help with the pre-launch. But of all carriers, why Sprint? CDMA technology is so dead, as the world converges to 4G.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to whine. I saved this video link on my site so I can watch it later when I have less to do. Enjoy!

Joshua Topolsky demos Palm Pre on Jimmy Fallon live

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