A little Good Friday Resurrection

Hello! YouTube is an amazing place. Funny how, while searching for something else, something always finds a way to jump out and catch your attention.

Take this Umbrella acoustic performance video by an inspirational, talented, worship leader/performer named Cofféy Anderson. Just in time for Good Friday and Easter, or as we pentecostals like to say, Resurrection Sunday, yo.

Umbrella (Christ remix) by Cofféy Anderson

Visit Cofféy Anderson’s official home page to find other ways to connect with him. I was going to list all his sites here, but he already does that, with more pizazz!

“Holler at yer boy!”

2 thoughts on “A little Good Friday Resurrection

  1. Nice touch, kind of reminds me of somebody…. wait a minute…….its coming…….that would be……..YOU.

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