For want of an MX record…

If you’ve tried sending me email at anytime on April 4, 2009, there is a great chance that I didn’t receive it. I screwed up. Badly. I was trying to be smart, by modifying my DNS record and Host (A) settings to increase my privacy. However, I forgot to set up  the MX record. To fix this will take more trouble than it’s worth, so I have restored my original DNS settings.

While the new settings are happily propagating the Internet, if you need to reach me, use  the phone, facebook, or twitter. I will test the server settings later tonight, but I probably won’t be checking email at least until Monday.

As a supposed web “expert”, I would never willingly admit ignorance and stupidity unless I believed my experience will help someone else. I am nonetheless embarrassed to admit that I changed my DNS settings before the weekend and lost the ability to receive email against my domain tonychung dot ca in the process. I believe this experience will help others who also enjoy messing around with their web setups.

The moral of the story is this: BEFORE playing with any of the advanced settings, make sure you

a) UNDERSTAND network protcols

b) ARCHITECT your network setup to best accommodate the limitations of your web/domain registrar control panels

Thankfully it’s just technology. Time to enjoy real life.


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