Peace in the midst of chaos

Jun 05, 2009 by Tony Chung in Philosophy

I love being busy. The bad part is that too often busy-ness involves more than a little chaos. Fortunately my wife told me about a dream she had while we were surrounded with our boxes of stuff packed for us while our home was restored after a dishwasher flood. When God is in the centre everything is peaceful in the midst of chaos.

Chung Family on Mother's Day

Chung Family on Mother's Day

My thoughts on my wife’s thought:

  • Lord, help us to see you in the centre of all the chaos.
  • Readers, we’ll see you on the other side.

Invitation to Open Worship Night

One of the ways to keep God in the centre of our thoughts is to spend time in prayer, praise and worship. Our church is hosting an Open Worship Night on June 13. The link opens the event details on Facebook. Here’s a poster you can download.


Poster for Open Worship Night at Northside Church

Hope to see you there!


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