Revelation doesn’t pay the bills

Jun 12, 2009 by Tony Chung in Personality blog design 2007 to 2009 blog design circa 2007 to 2009

It’s already June. I haven’t redesigned this site yet. At the time of writing it still uses the original theme I installed back in 2007. At the same time, I have also developed ideas for several blog entries that I believe many will find helpful to reconcile issues of life, faith, and vocation. I’ve started 26 draft posts and have a handwritten journal for two more. I love being an ideation machine, but I’m finding that it’s difficult to write about the importance of building relationships when I’m out building relationships.

Over the May long weekend (16-18 this year) I went away to a men’s retreat, and returned with a resolve to improve my relationships with my friends and family, most significantly with my sons. This new focus on enriching the depth of my relationships makes it difficult to apply myself to any tasks outside of my daytime work. While I am passionate about publishing my thoughts to share with you, I’m finding that the cost of sharing revelation is greater than the income it generates.

I’ll be completing these draft posts over time, so bear with me. Right now there is too much life to live to be able to dedicate any time to this blog. Besides, shouldn’t YOU also be out there living your life anyway? What are you doing reading blog posts while the sun’s shining?

…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). ~ John 10:10b AMP

Have a great summer. You may or may not see me online during this time. All the blessed!


8 Responses to “Revelation doesn’t pay the bills”

  1. jay m Says:

    I’ve gone to some number of Mens retreats, Promisekeepers, etc. Easy to make resolutions, easier to forget or neglect them. Even so, the guidance and reminders help. Hopefully we can review and see improvements and growth- even if the growth is simply recognizing some of our failings!

  2. Tony Chung Says:

    Thanks for reminding me that we’re human, jay. You know, the toughest book I had to read was “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, back in 2002.

    Day 18 was especially tough for me. It fell in the middle of the discussion of growing within the Christian family. I was challenged with the question, “What could I do to connect with another believer at a deeper heart level?”

    It’s easier to recover from failure when we have a strong family of believers to help lift us up, and keep us accountable to the decisions we made. At the time, I hungered for accountability, and to find other men with whom I could share vulnerability. Even though I was committed to serving in church, leading worship, facilitating small groups, and generally serving the congregation, I didn’t feel connected to anybody.

    I found the purpose of some of the activities within these men’s retreats is primarily to provide a common ground where guys can bond. Talking about the activity eventually leads to talking about ourselves, and we found connection during the retreats that we didn’t have before.

    But as U2 sang several years ago, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”—only now I’m just a little bit closer.
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  3. Nathan Tiessen Says:

    Are you related to Wang Chung?

  4. Tony Chung Says:

    My friend, I’m not sure you’re even old enough to remember Wang Chung. Unless, you’re one of them Heroes dudes who lives forever.

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