People need to be TOLD?

This society scares me. Just the other day I went to my friendly neighbourhood Save-On Foods to pick up some milk, eggs, cheese, lunch meat, and several bags of chips: potato, taco, and sun. For a change of pace, I went through the Changes Recycling Centre in the middle of the store.

Changes is a great place to get back your bottle and can deposit. If you like, you can choose to receive Save-On More points instead of cash, which they will in turn donate to charity. They also give points when you return packaging from manufacturers who participate in their voluntary return program. I’ve made a fortune returning laser printer toner cartridges through the years.

My eye caught a sign plastered to the middle of the door, at the level of my nose, advising customers that they would not accept any bags with ants in them.

Attention Customers: Changes recycling is not accepting bags containing ants.
Bags with ants are not accepted at Changes Recycling

I was at first shocked, because in B.C. the correct protocol when returning recyclables is to be sure to rinse them first. Did customers really need to be told to look out for ants?

Apparently so, I was told, when I casually interviewed the staff after I regained my composure. Before they posted the notice, they received between ten to twenty bags that contained ants in an average day. After they posted the notice, they receive about a dozen bags containing ants within a week.

What do you think about this? Is Changes Recycling to blame for their “no ants” policy? Or have people become lazy, with a selfish lack of regard for our service providers?

4 thoughts on “People need to be TOLD?

  1. Okay, so my first response was- is he desperate for things to blog about? But yes, I can see that a few people not checking their bags can turn into a big problem for them! Until we work those jobs we don’t always see the problems some people face in their jobs.

    1. Welcome Judy! I completely agree. I also learned that the bulk of the ant-laden bags were brought in by shopping cart wielders who salvaged their cans and bottles from street side garbage. Makes sense when you think about it. I guess if Changes kept silent then nobody would know, and then I’d really have nothing to blog about! 😉

  2. I believe that society is to blame we as human beings are becoming lazy and we continue our selfish ways and still people are not carpooling and taking the HOV lanes with one person, I believe that there needs to be a make-shift govt. that will help change our believes, because for some reason the way things are as we speak are not working right now.

    1. @Atheist: Thanks for responding. You are absolutely right about our laziness and selfishness. A friend of mine reminded me that government is more about power than leadership, which is so backwards. I believe that government should lead the way by example. That’s going to be the topic of another post.

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