Happy Canada Day, eh? 2010

Jul 01, 2010 by Tony Chung in Society

With the snow-less Winter Olympics behind us and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in front of us, I felt it might be a good time to show my patriot colours. Note the spelling of “colours”. To commemorate the occasion of Canada’s 143rd birthday, I swapped out my outer space Firefox persona for a more patriotic message.

Canada Rocks Firefox Persona

Canada Rocks Firefox Persona

I’m sure you will agree that is does prove to be more patriotic than images of the solar system.

You can install this persona on your own web browser by visiting the Canada Rocks Firefox Persona detail page: http://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/128649.

When the festivities are said and done for, browse the site for more themes you can use to spice up your browser layout.

Happy Canada Day, eh?


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