Packing for STC Summit 2011

May 12, 2011 by Tony Chung in Society

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was caught gushing about last year’s Summit 2010 on video by Kevin Cuddihy, the STC Media Manager (and STC Notebook blogger). Many of the sentiments I made back then, about being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of interesting sessions causing conflict in my schedule, are just the same this year.

I dare say that my feelings of “overwhelmedness” are worse this year. I just posted my Google calendar of sessions to confirm for myself that I shall be in five-way conflict throughout most of the Summit. I think most of my problem is caused by my sheer diversity in my number of interests, and all the stuff I choose to do for work.

[Edit: Google calendar deleted – it’s over a year old!]

Kudos to the organizational team for producing another bang up schedule, sent over the edge by announcing Tim O’Reilly as the keynote speaker. While he didn’t personally author any of the O’Reilly books I own, I am still excited to get into the mind of the one who showed us that technical books didn’t have to be boring.


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