Way cool! I’m Influencer no. 24 of 400 #TechCommm and #ContentStrategy

Jan 11, 2012 by Tony Chung in Society

Most Influential Techcomm

It’s been an amazing half a year. I have a lot to talk about, but not much that I’m allowed to blog about.

I’ve already got a reputation for getting so excited about our project that I now have to ask a manager to confirm everything I want to say (even to our internal group) so that we can manage expectations better.

At least I’m learning.

Fortunately someone was listening. Thanks, MindTouch for including me (as Twitter: @techcom) in the Top 50 (#24 of 400) Most Influential in Technical Communications and Content Strategy for 2011.*

I am most excited that I have met most of the 400 on the list face-to-face, and respect them as mentors, colleagues, and friends. I tip my hat to everyone who works in our field. Every day is different, and well… let’s just say every assignment comes with its own unique story.

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* I have a feeling my sporadic yet strategic use of #hashtags had something to do with it. Plus, I know that Techcom Mobile in India is also trending quite a bit. But hey, if I did anything right, please do let me know in the comments!


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