Privacy and freedom are why we went to war

Jan 17, 2012 by Tony Chung in Society

On January 18, 2012, I blacked out my site for 24 hours in protest. The expression is what the Internet would look like when the major media players own the Internet. Where I believe that creators need to be compensated for their work, I see media as being an industry of select individuals who exploit creative people in order to shape the world into their own design, rather than allow creators to shape the world organically.

The Internet was the first doorway to freedom from tyrannical oppression of the media executives. Now, we can decide what to buy, who to watch, where to watch it. We don’t need to be sold to. We don’t need to make some kind of a “cut”. We can produce our work and distribute it for a fee or FREE as we see fit, and if we post a “Charlie bit my finger” video on the Internet as a family joke it can go viral on its own.

While the SOPA and PIPA will primarily affect the US, Canada isn’t far behind with the DMCA. All laws like this will silence free speech at the hands of those who can afford to do so.

For better examples of SOPA/PIPA protests, visit Vancouver Sun’s examples of great SOPA/PIPA protest screens.



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