Follow Mobile Morphism–my summer writing challenge

Jul 14, 2012 by Tony Chung in Creativity

Hey everyone. I’ve taken on a new task, and that is daily blogging. I don’t expect it to be my best work, but it is some of the most fun I’ve had in the writing world. To be part of “the pack” I set up a new site on Tumblr called Mobile Morphism.

When my friend Sharon invited me to join her technical writing students on a journey to crank out the content, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write about. But then I found that several others at work were participating, so I couldn’t be left behind.

What helped was when my friend Rahel suggested that I write about a topic to focus my thoughts. She directed me to her “Best of my world” blog as an example. After reading a few posts, I felt that it was something I could do. So I hunted around for a topic.

My new blog is about how mobile technology changes everything: our relationships, our work, our passions. Mobile devices capitalize on the technology designed since time began, and brought us to this place. Whether this is a good or bad place only time will tell. All I know is that we can’t stop it, so we’ve got to keep on riding that train.

I’ve really enjoyed writing my first two posts. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Read more about the other summer writing challenge participants here.


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