Tony Chung is on techno-sabbatical Aug 19 to 24

Aug 19, 2013 by Tony Chung in Personality

Just call it “Reading Week”

Those who know me know I have a difficult time being disconnected. As a child I had to stay up late so that I wouldn’t miss anything. I argue that I have to keep up with “all that computer stuff” because it’s my job. But really, it’s a dumb habit I got into, checking my email before eating breakfast, while traveling to and from work, on the train, on the bus, as a passenger in a car–heaven forbid I actually check my email while driving–that’s just stupid in addition to being illegal.

So, with technology as a crutch, I have embarked on a new venture: A Reading Week. While I am off on vacation this week, I plan to read some if not all of the 30 or so books I’ve purchased over the last ten years. The rule for the week is:

  1. Pick a book.
  2. Read it ’til it’s done.
  3. Write down key points that stuck out.
  4. Return to 1.

Of course, I give myself complete freedom to decide to cut my losses if a book doesn’t hold my interest, or exhibits too many grammatical and spelling errors. Call me a snob, but I find it hard to remain engaged in the subject while I am distracted constantly by grammar and spelling more deplorable than my own. Is it too much to expect that an author who truly believed in their subject matter would take enough care to hire at the very least a copy editor?

So if you’ve sent me email, or phoned my cell, and haven’t received a response from me this week, Aug 12 to 24 2013, this is the reason why


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