Guidelines for a successful techno-sabbatical

Nov 06, 2013 by Tony Chung in Personality

In August I took a week long techno-sabbatical, completely self-imposed, of course. As a digital native, I have been consumed by being always-on connected–I had built a reputation that I could be reached at all times, and that my own personal space was open to anyone who asked:

  • I checked Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services constantly.
  • I subscribe to way too many mailing lists.
  • I always answer my text messages and cell phones within moments of someone else contacting me.
  • My voicemail greeting asks that people NOT leave messages, but contact me via text or email instead.

Well, the time has come for me to drop everything and sign out of the Internet for good. Yeah, right.

However, I have determined that the amount of Internet properties I manage is beyond my control, so I need to scale everything down and start over. Don’t be surprised if, after December, all this content just “goes away.”



2 Responses to “Guidelines for a successful techno-sabbatical”

  1. Drummer George Says:

    go to hawaii………beach ! not complicated…….beach..!

  2. Tony Chung Says:

    Can I press “Like” more times than 1?

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