Failing forward

May 22, 2014 by Tony Chung in Philosophy

As a leader, I’m finding myself forgiving myself often for failure. Sometimes, in several different areas. Sometimes, in the same area over and over again. My last blog post was last year, where I threatened that I was going to let this site just fall away, and disappear into the void.

Well, I failed even at that.

When it came time to let my site vanish, I realized the importance of maintaining a relationship with my current web host (Bluefur). I was all set to back up my site to one of the other shared hosting companies who offered unlimited web storage, but stopped when I encountered technical difficulties uploading my massive database. That’s what led me to realize that Bluefur offers a number of techie features that I use all the time, which exposed the limitations of their competitors.

Without going into detail (I may, at some future date), I’ll summarize this:

  • Bluefur wants to retain my business. They have offered incentives to keep me, when they know their value is far greater than disk space.
  • Bluefur has extremely good customer service. Many of you may not care who handles your client calls. But one thing I really appreciate is a customer service team who thoroughly reads through the messages attached to a trouble ticket and provides pertinent solutions, not just cut and paste answers from a wiki.
  • Bluefur offers techie features like SSH, SFTP, CRON jobs, and doesn’t limit the number of FTP sessions or MySQL database queries. While working on sites for clients, I found a web host that restricted FTP access to 2 active sessions, and and another that limited MySQL access to 75,000 database queries. The other web hosts wouldn’t even lift those restrictions when I explained I was migrating older sites to their network.
  • Bluefur’s servers are located, as far as I can tell, in Canada. This is proving to be extremely important as I do more work with government institutions who are paranoid of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection systems outside Canada.

So, while I failed at  my previous commitment to let my online presence vanish into thin air, I’m glad that I can move forward in the direction that I had set a long, long time ago.

You’ll be hearing from me a lot more often in the future.


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