Merry Christmas… and roll out!

Dec 24, 2008 in Personality

Our home played host to these shape-shifting robots from Cybertron all through 2008. This morning, as my boys battled over whose drawing of the Autobot symbol was most correct, I cooled their overheating servos by sketching my version of an Autobot symbol with a Santa hat. Naturally, I had to quickly fashion a picture to post on the web.

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At Christmas time, give the gift of PureEnergy

Dec 05, 2008 in Personality, Productivity, Technology

Christmas time is fast approaching. Surely you have those one or two finicky family members who are just impossible to shop for. Allow me to share a secret to my Christmas shopping that has alleviated much of the pressure, and restored the sense of peace to what is often the most dreaded experience at this time of year.

My secret is found in our family’s running joke: “What do you get for the one who has everything?”

The answer:”BATTERIES!”

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