WordPress: How to show a specific post or page

Jun 04, 2010 in Technology

I have a lot of fun playing with content management systems. Last week I wrote about some of the fun stuff I’m doing with MediaWiki. This time I’ll be looking at a specific task common to WordPress template creation: How to retrieve the contents of a specific post or page using the get_post() function.

My first attempts using get_post() returned empty values. After hours of searching and plugging away at the task, things started to click. I figured I should record this keep track of the solution for future reference, and to help out anyone else with the same problem.

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Drupal 7, Panels and Hitler?

Feb 02, 2010 in Technology

Just a quick update today. I was browsing for Drupal resources to help me with a project, and stumbled onto this funny video. The sensitive among you will have to close your eyes at the well-placed swear words. Sorry. It was too funny for me to worry about censorship.

Drupal 7, Panels, and Hitler

Many thanks to Nick Lewis’ tell-it-like-it-is blog

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not jumping onto the Drupal 7 bandwagon while it’s still in Alpha.

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ExtJS befuddles me

Oct 09, 2008 in Creativity, Productivity, Technology

I have only one more week on my current contract. My final responsibility is to finish off this über cool web view of one of our documentation products, which will be integrated as an output stream from the newly-installed XDocs XML content management system. The best part about technical communication is that I get paid to write all day, and when I need a break, I can fix the CSS for an embedded help system or hack some JavaScript. My Technical Communication department manager gave me permission to showcase the web output with obfuscated text in my portfolio, so be on the lookout for samples in the near future.

For the last month I’ve been going nuts trying to hack the ExtJS javascript application framework, recommended by the Technical Adviser from the company’s Web Services department. I have no problem applying different plugins to my project. However, when I try to add custom behaviours to the objects, I get that little red Firebug that shows me the hand and says “not so fast, cowboy!”

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It all begins with a blog

May 15, 2008 in Personality, Strategy

If I already know how to design websites and program web applications, why did I choose to build my site with WordPress? Frankly, as a married dad with two busy kids I don’t have time to wade through lines of code to figure out how to break something in order to change its design. I’ve worked under the hood of commercial and open-source CMSes in the past, but this product took me less than half an hour from install to first post. I look forward to playing more with this system as I build my own personal look. For now, the content is king.

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