Houston we’re still having problems

May 14, 2007 in Technology

I haven’t written about anything as much as I have detailed the problems I’ve been experiencing, mostly because I need to get some answers, and I’m hoping that somebody somewhere on the net will have them. Lately, I shut the M400 down and it doesn’t really shut down. Rather, it sounds like it shuts down, but it stays on somehow and burns out the battery. Occasionally it does something else, and I was able to duplicate the problem today.

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Standby for take-off

May 09, 2007 in Productivity, Strategy, Technology

While using Google to search the web for solutions to my Toshiba M400 Tablet PC stylus problem, I found new terms to use in the search. For the past week I’d been asking for results that included the words “Tablet PC”, “stylus”, “resume from”, “standby” and “hibernate”. After a few days with no success, The thought occurred to me that I should returning to the source: Wacom’s website.

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