About Tony Chung

Tony Chung

Tony Chung is a Vancouver-based creative communications professional who develops systems for producing and presenting written, visual, and audio content through print, online, and other media.

He is presently working as a contract Technical Writer, web developer, and programmer, with experience documenting fuel cells, semiconductor hardware and software, web content management systems, application software, and is now exploring the world of software defined radio systems and broadband networks.

He deftly maneouvres through a variety of programming tasks, from coding VBA to convert legacy Word documents to XML, to adding custom features to existing PHP/MySQL applications, to building a client-side interface that provides users with an interactive view of their document as an alternative to PDF.

As a member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), he volunteers as the administrator for the online discussion forums. He also helps the STC Canada West Coast Chapter at the local level as the Newsletter Webitor, also tweaking the CMS code at the same.

His web technologies and writing portfolio site is very much in need of an upgrade, however his LinkedIn profile and list of creative communications service offerings is always kept up-to-date.

Read about his exploration of the Christian faith.