Tony Chung is a Vancouver-based creative technologist, web Swiss-army knife, and secret weapon, who helps clients solve a variety of technical and business problems. He is equally at home deep in code, brainstorming with a small group of stakeholders, and delivering presentations and facilitating workshops to raise awareness and spread knowledge.

He provides consulting and web development expertise to small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations in all aspects of digital strategy, social media marketing, analytics, and documentation. He finds great joy in those moments when where he can bridge the relationships between code projects, documentation, and building developer-oriented communities. He is often a catalyst in developer circles, and has helped other developers of various experience levels to solve design challenges by brainstorming solutions and identifying next steps.

He presently is rebuilding this website from the ground up. This current site is a transitional experiment held together by gaffer tape and airline cable.

The best ways to contact Tony are: