Tony Chung is a forward-thinking Christian family man who is more than willing to discuss how faith, or lack thereof, ultimately drives a person’s decision-making process. As a spiritual explorer for 26 years of his life, he did not go gently into the arms of Jesus Christ, but rather, fought kicking and screaming until his eyes finally opened to the truth that if we’re here, then there must be something (or someone) out there.

An honest person will admit that he doesn’t have all the answers, and since embracing Christianity Tony’s life has not become any easier. Instead it became increasingly more complex, as he can barely fathom how the infinite Creator of the universe could possibly be interested in the minute details of his life. This very moment. Today.

He has been seen assisting the music team and leading worship at the different churches his family has attended through the years. He also pioneered the web efforts of one church single-handedly until they finally realized the impact they would have and built a team to replace him.

“Let us love and sing and wonder,” as the hymn says. Follow the writer on his journey amidst the turmoil of the high tech world, as he explores the depths of faith, hope, and love, the greatest of these being love.